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Milonga Rhythm: Moving Forward

Posted: 13:24, Friday 16 September 2005 by Megan Jones

Updated: 12:54, Friday 16 September 2005 by Megan Jones

This milonga course, called Moving Forward with the Milonga Rhythm, being run by Bob Youngson and Patricia Petronio, is for dancers experienced in Argentine Tango, who would like to further advance their milonga skills. Let us know you would like to enrol now!

The 4-week course will be held on Thursdays, 7:00pm until 8:30pm, at the North Adelaide Community Centre, Tynte Street, North Adelaide. The cost for students already enrolled in an 8 week Siempre Tango class block will be $50 or $35. For people not enrolled in an 8-week block the price will be $75/50. As usual, this also gives you entry to the fortnightly practica.

The course will be gender balanced on enrolments – assuming that everyone stays healthy and well and can attend all four nights then there will be equal numbers! Class size will be limited to 10 couples.

We are hoping to run this course in the next 8 week block, and as soon as we have enough people interested we will confirm the starting date. So, it will hopefully begin on either Thursday the 13th of October, or 10th of November. Everyone from the 6:30pm 8:00pm classes – this is the milonga course for you, including those who recently did the 4-week course with Bob and Pat and would like to learn more.

If you have enquiries or would like to register, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing


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