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Posted: 17:20, Friday 23 September 2005 by Megan Jones

Updated: 23:41, Saturday 24 September 2005 by Ben

Well, an era has passed for Siempre Tango Adelaide. This week Ellen Rosenfeld resigned from the committee, and was the final inaugural member of the committee to move away from official duties. The committee began in July 2003 with Carlo Sansour (president), Bob Youngson (secretary), Patricia Petronio, Libby Raupach (treasurer), Ian and Sandra Crowe, and of course Ellie Rosenfeld.

It is of great value to Siempre Tango that all the inaugural committee members remain closely tied to the community. Bob and Pat of course have continued as teachers with Siempre Tango, and Pat shares DJ duties with the new president Mark Stojani. Carlo Sansour remains a committee member in absentia and will visit occasionally to continue to support Adelaide through workshops and assisting with bringing other visiting teachers here.

The current Siempre Tango Committee thanks all of the original members, all of whom put in enormous amounts of work to get Siempre Tango up and running.


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