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Posted: 12:51, Friday 30 September 2005 by Siempre Tango

Updated: 12:24, Friday 30 September 2005 by Siempre Tango

A while ago, through a variety of forums, we asked people for feedback – about the Sunday Siempre classes, the special workshops with visiting teachers, milongas, future visions, so on and so forth. Here are some of the results. This is a long article, remember, you can always skip it….! And don’t miss the opportunity to add your ideas to the slogan suggestions fest happening below….

Siempre Tango class feedback

More men!

Yes, yes, we all understand this one! The women want more men present, the men want more men present, I think even the bartenders want more men present…. The issue of the gender imbalance has caused hours of debate in varied circles in ST and far, far beyond. Amongst the general community, people have their own theories about how to deal with this – from people who actively invite men to join classes, to men at the milongas who feel a duty/pressure/enjoy dancing with different ladies. It’s not an easy issue. The committee, however, will in the new year be trying new and different advertising ideas in order to focus on drawing more men to Argentine Tango. We will be looking for your enthusiastic support….in the meantime, don’t forget to encourage the new men attending classes with Siempre Tango….they can feel just as intimidated at milongas as anyone….

Linking and coordinating steps

This an ongoing focus of classes within Siempre Tango – developing the ability to link techniques smoothly. We thank all the students who gave extremely positive feedback about all of the classes – very encouraging for all of the teachers!

Regular focus on milonga rhythm

Bob and Pat are running a second 4-week course in this next 8-week block that will be all about milonga. We hope this will be an ongoing idea, with 4-week courses available for people new to beginners as well as those looking for more advanced tuition. In the meantime, we will be revising and adding milonga steps in the usual Sunday classes.

Size of the floor at the Banque and Historian

Yes, the Banque can be frightening can’t it! People seem to love the Banque the more they dance, but it is always nice to have some room to stretch out. We are always looking for new venues for regular and special milongas, with some exciting prospects in the wings for 2006 – stay tuned, and let us know if you see anything interesting with a wooden floor, bar facilities, etc etc. In the meantime, enjoy the opportunity to practice your tango de salon moves in the intimate quarters of the Banque!

Younger crowd

Again, the committee is looking at a new, slick advertising campaign with our new advertising guru on board (Di Kidd, publicist for the ASO) for 2006….

Workshop feedback


Yes, next time, we will make sure the guest teachers have voice amplifying devices of some kind…..

Gender balancing is good

Although it meant some women could only participate in two rather than four of the recent workshops with Carlo and Brigittie, the majority of people felt that the workshops were more enjoyable and productive with equal numbers of men and women. That’s not to say anyone thought otherwise, we just didn’t hear from anyone with an alternative opinion….

And the young people said….

More young people

Yes, see above.

Funkier venues, more of the nuevo music

Hence we have been to the Kings Head (which everyone seemed to love) and the Edinburgh and are still looking for more options…. And regarding the music – always feel welcome to speak to Mark and Pat, our resident DJ’s, to discuss your preferences.

In summary….

Enormous thank you to everyone who has provided feedback, especially combined with ideas, to the committee and the teachers, we always appreciated your involvement, and hope that you will feel the committee is responding in positive and practical ways to your suggestions.


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