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Argentine Tango on Life Matters

Posted: 16:50, Tuesday 11 October 2005 by Siempre Tango

Updated: 16:49, Tuesday 11 October 2005 by Ben

On the ABC Radio National program today, host Sarah MacDonald had a special about the Argentine Tango, discussing the growing scene across Australia. Her guests included Paul Warren and Wendy Charrell, students, as well as Patio de Tango’s Pedro and Sophia Alvarez. Pedro and Sophia will be special guests in Adelaide running workshops with Siempre Tango in 2006.

It’s a fairly general conversation, asking two people how they became involved in tango, and they have a microphone present at a class while Sophia and Pedro are talking about the embrace with beginner students. I was very envious hearing Pedro talk about having to go to the milongas in Buenos Aires as he was growing up to chaperone his sisters! Sophia also talks about the magical feeling of connecting with a partner on the dance floor. They talk also about a concept I like – that for the woman at least, there is a feeling of relaxation, almost meditative, that makes it work for the leader…that it is disruptive for the leader to feel tension in the woman, but that she must still be immediately responsive (not anticipating!).

You can find it at then go to the “second hour” link.


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