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Club de Tango in Adelaide

Posted: 11:02, Wednesday 12 October 2005 by Megan Jones

Updated: 10:00, Monday 17 October 2005 by Ben

Start sleeping in your shoes, take out shares in a stocking company, plan your practice schedule and start your stretching routine (guys, if you’re not sure what that means, try 5 hours standing in heels and see how your calves handle it!). In the next 7 months Siempre Tango will be hosting three fantastic couples – anticipate a bevy of great workshops and fantastic milongas!

Peter Waller and Lisa de Lazzari (top right) from Club de Tango in Sydney will be here on the weekend December 3rd and 4th. They will be running workshops for all levels, and performing at our Christmas Baile, which will be held on the evening of Sunday December 4th.

Easter 2006 will see Emile Sansour and Nazan Greiner return to Adelaide to run workshops and masterclasses, and to perform at our special Easter Saturday evening function. Also in town that weekend as part of our Easter festival teaching team will be Patio de Tango’s Pedro and Sophia Alvarez (bottom right).

And if you really want to make it a huge year of tango, you could consider going to Cosmotango, the BIG tango festival in Buenos Aires, which runs from March 12th-19th. For more information, head to

(Siempre Tango: Life’s Short, Dance Hard…...??!)


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