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Roberto Herrera in Sydney

Posted: 11:03, Tuesday 1 November 2005 by Ben

Updated: 15:28, Monday 7 November 2005 by Ben

Please note there has been a change to the program. Download the new one by clicking below

Roberto Herrera and Rocio Leguizamon will be in Sydney from the 25th until the 30th of November. Roberto has studied under the late great milongeuros, Pepito Avellaneda and Antonio Todaro – both of whom Carlo Sansour studied with. You may remember seeing Roberto on the videos at the Banque – he was the one who could turn like no other.

It’s a pity they’re only in Australia for a short time, but if you can get over to Sydney and take part in the workshops and Milongas that Patio de Tango has organised for Roberto.

Click here for the full programme.

His personal website is


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