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Last Hurrah for the Historian

Posted: 14:16, Saturday 19 November 2005 by Megan Jones

Updated: 14:50, Saturday 19 November 2005 by Megan Jones

Friday November 18th was the final Historian milonga for 2005 – we won’t be back again until February 2006.

Pat Petronio kept everyone moving with her selection of music as DJ for the evening. Sebastian won tickets to the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Sounds of Christmas’ concert, while Gerda won the Mercury Cinema double pass to the Cinematheque festival.

Andrew and Kellie received an enormous round of applause for their debut performance, danced to Carla Pugliese’s Ostinato – the nerves weren’t necessary, as they danced beautifully. Deb’s birthday was celebrated in traditional style with a bevy of men lining up to partner her, and John followed suit with his own birthday number.

Thanks to everyone for making the final Historian a relaxed, happy evening. I hope you enjoy the summer break (and don’t forget, the Banque is running all through summer!).


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