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Milonga Workshops

Posted: 11:41, Wednesday 16 February 2005 by Siempre Tango

Updated: 20:36, Tuesday 23 September 2014 by Lucy Lu

We are very aware that as soon as a milonga is played at the Historian or the Banque, a lot of people simply say, “Too hard!” At the same time, a number of students have asked if they could be taught how to dance milonga, or learn a wider range of moves. (Don’t get confused, ‘milonga’ has two meanings – the social function as well as a tango dance style).

Carlo has agreed to conduct a series of workshops in the coming weeks, on Thursday nights.
There will be two levels:

1. Learning to Dance to Milonga Rhythms
This workshop series is for students who are not confident about dancing milonga.
Thursdays 24th February (Eastwood), 10th March (North Adelaide), 24th March (Eastwood), 7-8pm.
Three hours of instruction: $35, and you can practice immediately after at the practicas.

2. Advanced Milonga Steps
This workshop series is for students who are comfortable dancing milonga, and want to build more challenging moves to their repertoire.
Thursdays 3rd March (Eastwood), 17th March (Eastwood), 8-9.30pm.
Three hours of instruction: $35.

Please register for these courses by email or at classes.


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