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Finally - More Pictures!

Posted: 00:30, Friday 25 November 2005 by Ben

Updated: 01:03, Friday 25 November 2005 by Ben

Stephen Secomb has cranked out another set of photos from the penultimate Historian for 2005, including the visit of Karina and Fabian Conca. These pics were taken with his schmick new camera, and they look great. Get to the gallery and have a look-see!

It’s only taken me all week to figure out how to up load them through a myriad of technical boo boos (all my fault)! But they’re there now… Finally!

And one last thing, thanks to all those who attended the last Siempre Tango Practica for 2005. It was a fantastic night, more men than women at some stages (no way!), great atmosphere, enjoyed by all!


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