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Posted: 20:37, Monday 9 January 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 13:35, Friday 3 February 2006 by Megan Jones

Tangomania 2006 is getting closer and the details are almost complete… Soon the website (which is still under construction) and pamphlet incorporating the workshop schedule will be out in the open! You can check out the evolving website here…

We are hoping that Tangomania will entice people from interstate to visit Adelaide for the Easter long weekend. It will be an enormous endeavour for Siempre Tango, and I promise you, the committee is working darn hard to bring it all together!!

I am looking for volunteers who would be willing to do any of the following over the Easter weekend, noting that Siempre Tango will not be able to provide compensation. We will need the support of our whole community to make this event possible….please!

If you would be willing to billet a visitor from interstate, please email or phone 0400 257 027 to let us know. Feel free to say whether for 1 night, 2 nights or perhaps 3, and whether 1 person or 2, male and/or female.

This will be a matter of, if the details line up for someone requesting a place to stay, Siempre Tango simply transferring phone numbers and leaving the rest of the details to the individuals involved.

Door/Ticket handling

At the Saturday and Sunday night events we will need a few people willing to be at the door for half an hour each to collect and/or sell tickets.

Please note, this will mean turning down invitations to dance during that time, and not running away if it feels a bit dull! :) It will be during the first half of each evening. Again, please email or phone on 0400 257 027.

Many thanks,
Megan and the committee


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