Information About Siempre Tango - Adelaide


Updated: 10:23, Wednesday 26 September 2007 by Ben

The teachings of Siempre Tango focus on interpreting and understanding the many rhythms and moods of the music, and hence the dance. Both the close embrace, Tango de Salon, and the open free style are taught, with consideration for the flexibility needed to move between them appropriately. The three Argentine Tango dance styles, Tango, Vals, and Milonga, are covered in regular classes or special workshops. Emphasis is placed on effective male leads and precision of movement for both dancers. Lessons centre on techniques which are used as building blocks such that each dancer learns quickly to be at ease on the dance floor. Constant revision is central to the teaching program. Milongas are run weekly to provide frequent practice, essential for the consolidation of material presented during the classes. Milongas are also social gatherings of like-minded tango enthusiasts, and provide further opportunities to dance with different partners, while immersing themselves in the music. It is not necessary to have a partner to attend classes or milongas at Siempre Tango.