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Media Savvy Siempre

Posted: 09:53, Thursday 26 January 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 10:23, Thursday 26 January 2006 by

Our advertising guru Di Kidd has been spreading the Siempre Tango word through the local media places. She was even dedicated enough to be up at 7:30am last Saturday morning to do a radio interview by telephone on 5AA with Michael Keelan!

This Friday you can tune in to 5EBI FM (103.1 on the dial) at 1:15pm to hear Mark Stojani talk about all things tango…

A couple of our tango folks headed to the Banque on Monday for a photo shoot which might turn up in a city Messenger sometime…

And we even received a listing for the Relaunch! party in the Independent Weekly’s email newsletter.

Just wait….soon we’ll be knocking Bec and Lleyton off the cover of New Idea…thanks for all your hard work Di!


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