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New Gotan Project CD

Posted: 14:50, Saturday 22 April 2006 by Ben

Updated: 14:51, Monday 24 April 2006 by Ben

For those who loved Gotan Project, the early innovators of tango electronica (sometimes mistakenly confused as “tango nuevo” which generally refers to a particular evolution in the dance itself and also sometimes used to describe the music of Astor Piazzolla – not electronica) you will be happy to hear they’ve just released a new CD called Lunático.

You can listen to snippets on their website:

It didn’t take long for this one to grow on me and I’ve already used some tracks at Coriole, The Banque and Higher Ground. Current favourites for danceability are:

  • Mi Confesión
  • La Vigüela
  • Arrabal
  • Criminal

You can also see the rather cool film clip for the first single Diferente on their website. It features Virginia Gomez and Christian Marquez – a great young couple I was lucky enough to see perform three incredibly powerful numbers in Buenos Aires.

It’s available on iTunes Music Store as well as Big Star on Rundle St. It can also be sourced through ChaosMusic and Sanity Online

Please note that Siempre Tango does not endorse any of the above mentioned music stores, they are provided for your information only.


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