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Tango in New Zealand, Sydney and more...

Posted: 14:36, Friday 2 June 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 14:08, Friday 2 June 2006 by Megan Jones

The New Zealand Tango Festival is coming up at the end of June with some exciting events.

As part of the festival program, Demian Garcia and Carolina Bonaventura are holding an intensive course for advanced dancers from Monday June 26 to Thursday June 29 with 18 hours of tango tuition. Enrolments actually closed yesterday on June 1, but it’s possible you could still enquire to see if there is a place left. The fee is NZ$575 and that includes entrance to the three day festival from Friday June 30 to Sunday July 2 (including 6 workshops and all events).

That’s a whole lot of tango! Head to the website link above for more information.

And in Sydney in November, Roberto Herrera and his new partner Tamara Bisceglia will be in town for a weekend of workshops and performances. Head to Patio de Tango for more information.

And if you’re interested in something different…

Cecilia Gonzalez (who was at the recent Sydney International Tango Festival) and Ariel Sicorsky are running an “Aquatango” course in Buenos Aires from August 7-12 in which they will explore the principles underlying both Argentine Tango and Pa Kua Chang (a “sophisticated Chinese martial art”). For more information, head to Cecilia Gonzalez’s website .
I’d just be worried about what the water would do to my Comme Il Faut shoes… ;)


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