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Google Calendar

Posted: 19:51, Saturday 24 June 2006 by Ben

Updated: 19:21, Saturday 24 June 2006 by

As Google slowly but surely takes over the world releasing free software and tools for the internet, Siempre Tango is getting sucked into it’s slip stream.

One of my biggest bug bears about this website is managing a useful calendar for students/dancers… Communicating events running on the 1st Friday, 3rd Friday or even more confusingly on “the weeks without something on the Friday” invariably result in people getting confused or missing events.

So the calendar page has now been updated to include the new(ish) Google Calendar tool and it’s very new capability for being included inside a website (like this one). There are still a few bugs to iron out (both on Google’s side and ours), but in the not too distant future we should have a very easy to update calendar – which means it will be always up to date (errors and omissions excepted, of course).

In time you will be able to subscribe to the calendar for email reminders and heaven forbid even SMS reminders to your mobile phone (there will be no excuses for missing a single event). The SMS feature is currently available only to users in the US. I’m hoping that down the track we will also be able to create an “All Adelaide Events” calendar incorporating both ST and SCT events… but this feature is seamingly missing at the moment (annoying!).


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