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Thanks and thanks again!

Posted: 16:12, Sunday 2 July 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 22:40, Sunday 2 July 2006 by Megan Jones

At the milonga on Saturday night we said thank you to Stephen Secomb who has been a committee member with Siempre Tango for over a year. Stephen took on the role of treasurer when Libby Raupach left the committee and has now decided to step away from that role.

Stephen’s first love is photography, and we have been incredibly fortunate to enjoy Stephen’s work within the Siempre Tango community. Stephen will now have more time to focus on his photography role and, heaven forbid, things other than tango!

Many, many thanks Stephen for your time and energy in the treasurer role, we look forward to your continued presence within the Siempre Tango community, and to seeing more of your fantastic photos!


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