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Where Has My Weekly Email Gone?

Posted: 19:48, Wednesday 5 July 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 15:13, Thursday 6 July 2006 by Megan Jones

I have done a new email listing, as our old ‘This Week’ contacts list had expanded to a few hundred people, most of whom haven’t been around for a llooonngg time. So, for the regular news I’ll use the new list which consists of current students, and for special Siempre Tango events I’ll go back to the old ‘everyone’ list. So if you’re a current student, and I’ve somehow missed you, or you’d like to be back on it, please don’t be offended, just email me to let me know! I’m gathering from the thundering silence I’ve received this week that most people who missed out weren’t all that fussed! You can also find out about all the Siempre Tango events by checking out the calender in the top left hand section of the website.


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