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Posted: 10:27, Tuesday 11 July 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 09:57, Tuesday 11 July 2006 by

Someone wrote this, again on the Tango-L list, and it resonated with me and how I feel about tango…

I’ll never be the dancer I want to be, but will continue to try.

Something about the ‘keeping on trying’ bit is addictive!

One thing that I like about Argentine Tango is that it is accessible for all people – that old ‘if you can walk you can tango’ saying. The most important things that (to me) make a good dancer are attainable by pretty much anyone willing to work hard on the basics – posture and balance, musicality, sensitivity to your partner, (and a sense of humour!)...I don’t know how others feel, but I enjoy the sense of progress that comes from working individually on these things and feeling them slowly improve – and they can be worked on no matter who you are dancing with or where. A bit like the travel adage, it’s not the getting there, it’s the journey along the way.


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