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What are they singing?

Posted: 17:02, Thursday 13 July 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 23:37, Friday 14 July 2006 by Ben

I have been searching lately for tango lyrics…sometimes, when reading them, I think tango is lyrically the spanish equivalent of country and western! Though perahps losing their bandoneon instead of their canine…

These are the translated lyrics for ‘Mi Buenos Aires Querido’ (My Beloved Buenos Aires) which you would probably recognise if you heard it. There is some debate about the accuracy of some of the translations that abound. This translation was done by Joseph Del Genio. The music was written by Carlos Gardel and the original lyrics by Alfredo Lepera. I lifted this from the website Planet Tango

My beloved Buenos Aires,
the day I see you again,
there will be no more sorrow or forgetfulness
The lamp of the street where I was born
was witness to my promises of love,
It was under its dim light that I saw her
I saw my pebeta as bright as a sun.
Today luck wants me to see you again,
you my beloved city porteña,
and I hear the lament
of a bandoneón,
asking for his heart to be set free.

My Buenos Aires,
land of flowers
where I will spend my last days.
Under your protection
there are no delusions,
years fly by,
pain is forgotten.
In caravan
memories go by
like a trail
sweet of emotion,
I want you to know
that when I call you
sorrow leaves
my heart.

The tiny windows of my streets of arrabal,
where a young girl gives a smile;
I want to stare once again
at those eyes that fondle with a look.
In the toughest back alley, a song
says its prayer of courage and of passion;
a promise
and a sigh
wiped away a tear of sadness, that singing.

My beloved Buenos Aires,
the day I see you again,
there will be no more sorrow or forgetfulness


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