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Thanks from Para los Ninos

Posted: 15:12, Tuesday 18 July 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 14:42, Tuesday 18 July 2006 by

We received this letter upon receipt of the money given to Para los Ninos from our fundraising night.

Please convey to the Tango Community of Adelaide our most sincere congratulations and appreciation for the effort that you have made in organising a fund raising milonga to help the Children of Argentina.

This year Cheryl and I will be travelling to Buenos Aires to meet with the children who we have been able to help and Mercedes and Hernan, the local Committee members of Socieded Para los Ninos. In order to clarify the way we work we must tell you that we do not take any funds from the children to pay for air fares or expenses travelling to Argentina. All work is done on a voluntary basis.

We will be supporting the Foster Home and also helping SACS, a gropu that supports children who are too poor to be able to purchase the books, dustcoat and backpack to be able to attend school.

We will be holding a Festival of Tango over 3 weeks this year for our Brisbane fund raising activities. We will send you the details for anyone who is travelling to Brisbane over the period July 29 to August 12, 206.

Thank you again and we wish you many Happy Tangos.

Kind Regards,
John Lowry.
President – Sociedad Para los Ninos.


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