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Tangomania 2007!

Posted: 12:57, Saturday 5 August 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 14:59, Wednesday 9 August 2006 by Ben

Easter 2007, from the evening of Thursday April 5 through until Monday 9, will again see Adelaide immersed in Argentine Tango as Tangomania returns!

We look forward to hosting Pedro and Sophia Alvarez (top right) in a return visit to Tangomania, following their popular performances and warmly received workshops in 2006. Sophia and Pedro run Patio de Tango in Sydney.

Also confirmed are Mario Consiglieri and Anabella Hoffman (bottom right), an energetic young couple who will bring new perspectives and energy to the Siempre Tango festival. Mario and Anabella have taught and performed at CITA in Buenos Aires, the Nuevotango festival in Washington, and the Sydney International Tango Festival. You can discover more about Mario and Anabella through their website

A practica, milongas, workshops, performances and more, book it in your diaries for 2007! We will be heading back to Coriole Winery for an evening of relaxed and fun tango, as well as having the formal Baile with performances from the festival teaching couples.

We hope to see you in Adelaide over Easter for Tangomania 2007! Stay tuned for more details…


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