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New Class Fee Discount

Posted: 14:47, Monday 18 September 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 09:24, Tuesday 19 September 2006 by Megan Jones

The final 8-week block for Siempre Tango will start in October. (Don’t know about you, but I’m struggling to believe it is only three months until Christmas..).

Until now, for people paying in the first week of classes, there has been a $20 discount, so rather than being $150/100, the fees become $130/80.

The committee has decided to try a new discount process. As usual, fees will be due within the first three weeks of the 8-week block, and will be $150/100. Instead of receiving a $20 discount if you pay in the first week, you will receive two free milonga entry passes, which can be used at any of the regular Siempre Tango milongas! Currently these are valid for our Higher Ground and The Establishment milongas, excluding those evenings with special events or performances from visiting teachers.

The value of this discount is $30/20, so it’s actually a bigger discount than previously!!!

  • Free passes must be used before the end of the 8-week block and cannot be carried over.
  • Free passes are not transferable.

For each 8 week block enrolment of $150/100 you receive:

  • 8×1.5 hour group lessons
  • Twice monthly, 1.5 hour supervised practica (approx $20 value)
  • 2 free entries to regular Siempre Tango milongas (approx $30/20 value)

In an 8 week course, with all discounts considered, this is equivalent to just $8.33 full or $5 concession per hour of lesson tuition

And of course, if you need to discuss fee payment due to travel/work etc, please feel free to speak with your class teacher.


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