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Power and Passion with the ASO

Posted: 14:32, Monday 9 October 2006 by Ben

Updated: 14:02, Monday 9 October 2006 by

Those lucky enough to have secured tickets to this Friday’s magic night of tango might just also be lucky enough to secure tickets to this fantastic ASO event (2x double passes valued at $134 e.a. to be won!):

ASO Master Series 12: Power and Passion

6.30pm on Saturday 21 October at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.
Carl Orff’s stunning choral work Carmina Burana is the featured work on the program. Most will be familiar with this amazing piece from its use in television commercials, notably Nescafe and Carlton United beer! Based on a collection of Medieval poems celebrating lust for life, and performed by the 150-voice Adelaide Symphony Chorus plus the 80-piece ASO, Carmina Burana promises to live up to the concert title as a powerful and passionate evening. This is complemented by Schumann’s Spring Symphony and the concert is conducted by ASO Music Director, Arvo Volmer.

Click here for a sound bite!


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