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Committee AGM

Posted: 09:23, Thursday 23 November 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 22:44, Thursday 9 April 2015 by Ben

The Siempre Tango AGM was held recently, and for the next term we have:

President: Mark Stojani
Treasurer: Tiziana Tulino
Secretary: Megan Jones

Also on the committee are:

Creative Design: Andrew Gibki
Venue Liaison: Claire MacKenzie

Resigning at this stage were Stephen Secomb and Di Kidd. Stephen will continue to be involved in photography, and Di will remain close to the committee in a Consultant role with regard to publicity and advertising. We thank them both for their energy and involvement with the committee and wish them both well with their new endeavours!

We welcome new committee member Anna Legge who will be involved with class enrolments in 2007 as well as Consultant to the committee on all things marketing, Colleen Young!

Some of the committee’s goals for 2007 include:

  • To have more people dancing at the milongas more often (sounds very similar to the TSCC’s byline!).
  • Continuing to raise the profile and foster the community spirit of ST.
  • Having fun (for the whole community! in classes, practicas, milongas, everywhere..!)
  • Continual innovation and improvement in the way ST is directed in order to continually raise the standard of the community’s dancing.

And therefore, look forward to some new activities, structures, processes, etc, as we forge ahead! As always, if you have suggestions, thoughts, ideas, feel welcome to speak to any of the committee members.


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