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Posted: 09:56, Sunday 3 December 2006 by Megan Jones

Updated: 10:26, Sunday 3 December 2006 by

As you are aware we had some difficulties with the email system earlier in the year. We are now putting the full address list back onto the email distribution using a new system, hoping that it does not fall apart again! We do not have all the email addresses that we lost. We had to start again with a small bunch of recovered emails and initially just with the email addresses that we recognised, or from people who did email to say ‘hey where has my email gone’ (and there were about three of those!). If you hear of anyone whose life has fallen apart in the last 6 months because they haven’t been receiving our weekly updates or who is getting cranky about still receiving them having stopped dancing (what?!) – please let them know, it is a simple matter of sending an email to say please put me back on/take me off the list.. Apologies for any disruptions caused – and if in making this change you start receiving the email twice, please feel welcome to let me know.


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