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Posted: 22:38, Wednesday 3 January 2007 by Ben

Updated: 00:02, Thursday 4 January 2007 by Ben

Welcome to the new website layout, this is fourth incarnation of the Siempre Tango site. Never fear, the previous layout will still live on under the Tangomania banner.

We originally decided to change things around a bit because we wanted to try and break out the real news (i.e. what’s happening in the Adelaide tango scene) from our tango thoughts (i.e. what we often present for information or discussion). The former will now be found in the news section and the latter under musings.

Please Note: I am still currently porting everything from the old site to this new one, so things might break a bit, but it should all be back to the “new normal” soon! Also the odd bit of styling and formatting is still occuring, so things may look different from time to time.



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