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New Search Tool

Posted: 17:35, Tuesday 9 January 2007 by Ben

Updated: 22:07, Tuesday 9 January 2007 by Ben

You can now search the Siempre Tango site using the search dialog in the top right hand corner of the home page. Still some styling of the search results to go, but it’s now functional.

And you can also have your musings and news delivered straight to your RSS news reader (use the little icons to the left of the search dialog to get the links). Not sure what RSS is? Well it’s a cool way of finding out when a new article has been posted to this site. Firefox and the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 allow you to have RSS feeds displayed inside your browser. Read more on RSS at wikipedia.

And based on some feedback (Andrew M, Andrew G and Ana – thanks guys) that the front page was a little word heavy, I’ve removed the Recent News/Musings tables… you can still find them in the news and musings sections (or alternatively use the search).

An archive page will follow in the near future also…

Oh yeah, and if you haven’t already checked out the new Tangomania style then do so – nice work Andrew!


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