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Letterbox Drop

Posted: 14:38, Thursday 11 January 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 18:29, Thursday 11 January 2007 by Ben

This Sunday at 3pm we will be meeting out the front of the North Adelaide Community Centre on Tynte Street opposite the Daniel O’Connell in order to proceed with our planned flyer letterbox drop throughout North Adelaide. We have 600 flyers to distribute, so if you are interested in some walking through the leafy suburb, please feel welcome to join us at 3pm! In line with our promise to the North Adelaide Community Centre Committee, the flyers offer a special deal to residents of their suburb for taking part in an activity at the community centre.

Don’t forget hats, water, comfortable shoes etc. And we will meet up again after the flyers are done for a beverage, naturally. If you are able to email me so I know vaguely how many people will be available, that will help me to make up the maps for everyone.



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