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TangoTourist Article on BsAs

Posted: 09:06, Monday 12 February 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 16:38, Sunday 25 February 2007 by Megan Jones

In the February 2007 edition of Marie Claire there is an article on tango in Buenos Aires written by Melissa Fagan. The front paragraph says ‘Once a year, the residents of Buenos Aires dedicate themselves to the rhythm of the world’s sexiest dance’ – I’m not sure what they think happens the rest of the year?! But then there is this: ‘If your partner is any good, if there is any kind of connection, then you fall in love with him. That love may only last as long as the tango, but it is love all the same.’ Maybe we can ask Imogen, Dru or Kellie to write something of their own experiences when they return (ok or Andrew and Roger!)?? Many thanks to Marilyn S for passing on the article.


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