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Rhythm 2000

Posted: 16:08, Sunday 25 February 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 13:17, Monday 26 February 2007 by Andrew Gibki

Sarah and Daniel Foster of Dansar Productions have released the DVDs from their 2006 Dance Extravaganza concert. The DVDs are $45.00 and include Student Showcases, Professional Teacher Exhibitions, Spotlights, Special Features and Evening Highlights. If you would like one, you can contact Sarah on 0423 539 870.

Dansar are also getting ready for their Rhythm 2000 event at the Italian Centre in Felixstow on March 24. If you are interested in joining a bunch of keen dancers for a night of social dancing, again contact Sarah for further information. Tickets are $20 with byo drinks and supper. Daniel and some of the dancers from Dansar have been regulars at the Rotunda so you might catch them on Saturday March 3 for the final Summer Assault milonga and say hello.


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