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Para los Ninos 2007

Posted: 16:20, Sunday 25 February 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 16:51, Sunday 25 February 2007 by Megan Jones

In 2006 for the first time Para los Ninos came to Adelaide with performances from The Swing Sesh, Dansar Productions and La Bomba in order to raise funds for underpriviliged children in Argentina. The national organisers for Para los Ninos, John and Cheryl Lowry in Brisbane, provided us with the following feedback regarding the progress. We are planning to hold the second Para los Ninos fundraising event on Friday June 22.

Milonga Para Los Niños Update – 24 February 2007

Milonga Para Los Niños annual charity ball is again set for Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and other cities around Australia and the world at times to suit. The force behind Para Los Niños is the collective love and care of the Global Tango Village for the children of the world, through the language of love, Tango. In September 2006, Cheryl & John travelled to Argentina to review the ongoing social work of Para Los Niños and to start to build a future for children based on relevant vocational education and opportunity.

Los Honeros, the foster home in Moreno, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires now fosters 15 children, up from 7 in 2001 and feeds a further 80 at week-ends. We (by that I mean you) are responsible for this increased capability by providing operational kitchens, bathrooms and housing.

But what the young people really want is opportunity. We asked them how we might help to create suitable opportunity. They told us that their hogar (home) has its roots in creativity. Elisa and her friends have always sewn naive tapestry to sell, apart from raising chickens and doing as much as possible to be self-sufficient. Some of the older children have an interest in (but no resources) for graphic arts, film and the creative arts. We suggested that we could support the creation of a graphic arts centre at Honeros, to teach computer skills, web design that we believe are easy skills to deploy from anywhere. We left them to plan a secure building, plan a suitable curriculum and to see how we can provide the resources to implement this ambitious plan.

During our visit we renewed and made valuable contacts, including Nestor Stancanelli (former ambassador to Australia and now Argentina’s chief trade and economic negotiator). He has promised to help us with negotiating the shipment of computers through customs. On our return, we received an offer from a Brisbane company specialising in Mac computers, PC-Deal, to supply as many high quality mac PC’s as we need, at cost. There are Angels everywhere. They are ready to go as soon as we can accommodate them.

Hold your heads up, Tango dancers of Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. You are directly responsible for giving these children the chance of a dignified, productive life.

If you have any thoughts on how we can make Para los Ninos a successful event for 2007 or if you would like to be involved in the preparation for this event, please send me an email


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