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Second Letter from Reina

Posted: 14:29, Tuesday 13 March 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 14:59, Tuesday 13 March 2007 by Ben

Reina has written again with more news from Tokyo:

I would like to introduce my tango teachers, Noriko & Akiyoshi Tanada. (I’ve got permission from them to write article and use their photos for Siempre tango community.)

They are a quite young couple but they have had really long tango career. For more than 15 years they have contributed to the expansion of the tango community in Tokyo through performing and teaching tango. They have great skills to create artistic and spiritual dance performances. They have a strong consideration of the power transition between leader and follower. The skills might have come from their interesting backgrounds. Noriko was a ballet dancer and Akiyoshi was an actor for theatre. Their outstanding skills were appreciated in the third ‘Compenato De Balie de Tango en Asia 2003’ where they were awarded first prize in the stage performance (tango excenario). They are highly committed to teaching through the Japan Tango Project. They organise the annual Tokyo Tango Week (where Alexandra and Adrian are special guests) with workshops starting in the long weekend (Golden Week) in May. To improve their teaching and performing skills, they visit Buenos Aires every year. They fly to Argentina next Thursday to participate in CITA; accordingly we miss our regular tango lesson for two weeks. But I am very looking forward to seeing my teachers return with advanced dancing skills.

Thank you Reina!


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