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Posted: 11:23, Sunday 15 April 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 10:53, Sunday 15 April 2007 by Megan Jones

Hosting international couples is always a lot of work and an investment in the community which we hope will inspire and encourage people. The breakdown of costs for Easter 2007 looked like:


Mario and Anabella’s teaching fees: $2490
Mario and Anabella’s flights: $1900
Flowers & Wine (gifts): $100
Higher Ground hire: $900
North Adelaide Comm Centre Hire: $360
Liquor Licence Application: $40

Total Expenses $5790

(Not including all the usual annual expenses for ST including insurance etc which also have to be in place for this to occur).

Sponsored this year:

Coriole Venue Hire
Coopers Beer
SNAP printing of flyers and posters


Workshop Enrolments: $2810
Baile & Coriole Milonga Income: $1800

Total Income: $4610

ie Siempre Tango underwrote the event by $1180, the funds for which come from the usual 8-week block Siempre Tango classes.

The ST teachers were expected to lead in any workshops possible in order to allow more ladies to enrol. Anna and Claire attended workshops that we could squeeze them into, meaning they each attended two workshops. For the next event coming up, committee members will enrol and pay along with everyone so that they can participate in full if they wish.


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