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Another opportunity...

Posted: 15:18, Tuesday 10 April 2007 by Ben

Updated: 15:08, Tuesday 10 April 2007 by Ben

Australia being such a long way from Argentina and with its large cities so far apart means bringing in quality tango talent is an expensive undertaking. Hence why we don’t have world class teachers dropping in with great regularity like what happens in the US and Europe.

However, a wonderful tango teacher from Buenos Aires recently contacted us with a desire to visit Adelaide to round out his tour to Australia and New Zealand. Despite his visit’s close timing with Tangomania I personally felt this was not an opportunity to be missed. On my recommendation the committee has decided that it would host this fantastic teacher and his new partner.

I’ll provide more information in the coming couple of days, but please keep the weekend of the 12th and 13th of May free. We will be structuring a programme that will have a maximum impact on your social dancing and also provide some other great incentives to join in.

I know it’s not far away, but if you really want to see your dancing move ahead in leaps and bounds then please join us… more info soon.


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