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Fabrizio Forti y Franca Rubio

Posted: 11:01, Friday 13 April 2007 by Ben

Updated: 15:47, Friday 17 April 2009 by Andrew Gibki

Well I said I’d get back soon with a little more information. Our special guests on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of May are Fabrizio Forti and Franca Rubio, who are nearby for the New Zealand Tango Festival.

Megan and I stayed with Fabrizio in Buenos Aires last year and on the recommendation of Peter and Lisa (Sydney Club de Tango) took lots of private lessons with him. He challenged some of the most basic tango principles that we took for granted and I highly recommend him to tango dancers of all levels. The committee is having final discussions on the program this weekend and we should have this published early next week.

Don’t miss this opportunity as it might be a while until Adelaide gets another injection of overseas professional talent! We certainly have been spoiled early 2007!


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