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Revision Sessions and Practica

Posted: 11:59, Tuesday 8 May 2007 by Ben

Updated: 11:54, Tuesday 8 May 2007 by Ben

We hope you’ve enjoyed and found valuable the 6 revision sessions we’ve held over the past 3 weeks. I’d like to thank Mark, Tiz and Megan for all volunteering their time to help run them, and also the hordes of people whom attended – there was a fantastic turn out.

In the future our practicas will become more frequent and focus on a similar skill sharing approach to the revision sessions, but with less of the “teaching element”. At the start of the practica a new concept, exercise, technique or movement will be briefly introduced and then we’ll leave you to practice away for the remainder of the session (or do something completely different should you choose). This approach is used with great success interstate and in Buenos Aires.

We will be encouraging lots of different people to contribute to this learning and in turn build an even stronger community focus. We’re looking forward to this new approach and hope to see y’all there.

Venues and times TBD SOON! There will be a nominal $5 entry fee.

PS: There is no practica this week – it’s next week as this week is a milonga week


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