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Fabrizio and Franca

Posted: 18:41, Tuesday 15 May 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 18:27, Tuesday 15 May 2007 by Megan Jones

Many thanks to everyone who supported the visit from Fabrizio and Franca (nope, not pictured here obviously..but check out that posture..esso!).

It was a slight ‘hold your breath’ experience for the committee, being so soon after Easter, but we were lucky to have a fantastic, strong, positive response to bookings early on for the Immersion Course. I was really glad to hear people talking so positively about their experiences with both Fabrizio and Franca’s teaching. They ended up with by far the most amount of private classes any visiting teacher has ever had with Siempre Tango and again, I haven’t heard anything but positive feedback from all the people who took private classes.

We hope to host them again in future – if you have any feedback about the weekend, please feel welcome to speak to any committee member. In the meantime, some of the concepts and exercises discussed over the course of the workshops will no doubt come up in the skills share sessions at the weekly practicas!

Many thanks again to the committee for their work, as well as Judith and Trevor Jones, Janett and Russell Jackson, and of course Fabrizio and Franca.


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