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Pablo Ziegler Quartet

Posted: 19:29, Sunday 17 June 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 18:59, Sunday 17 June 2007 by

You can still download the Radio National’s Daily Planet show Brent Clough from June 14 which featured former pianist for the late Astor Piazzola, Pablo Ziegler. A “leading figure in nuevo tango..he’s consistently added aspects of jazz to his tango composition and performance, notably improvisation and drums. In Tango Meets Jazz, Ziegler’s drumless quartet (Héctor del Curto on bandoneón, Paul Myers – guitar and Pablo Aslan, bass) is recorded live in New York with guest appearances from young vibraphonist, Stefon Harris.
It’s mostly Ziegler’s own compositions on show, but included are two pieces by his old mentor, Piazzolla. Alternately gentle and exhilarating – this is tango from a modern master.”


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