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Buenos Aires tango industry booming

Posted: 19:29, Tuesday 19 June 2007 by Andrew Gibki

Updated: 18:59, Tuesday 19 June 2007 by

Seems like the Argentine Tango which has its roots in the slums of Buenos Aires is showing some signs of respectability. :) It is getting even more popular support with the tango tourists than ever.

“The tango industry generates for Buenos Aires an estimated 130 million US dollars annually and any night at least 3.000 people, 70% foreign tourists, are engaged in some activity related to this dance and music which was born in the River Plate in the late XIX century.”

While the Argentine Peso (ARS) struggles at 0.325 United States Dollars or 0.385 Australian Dollars, more and more people seem to be making the pilgrimage.


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