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This got me dancing...

Posted: 01:17, Thursday 16 August 2007 by Mark Stojani

Updated: 22:09, Sunday 19 August 2007 by Ben

Lot’s of dancers tell me they started dancing tango when they saw The Tango Lesson on the big screen. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I never got to see it until I was already hooked on the dance. However I was a fan of the ABC series Race Around the World. Over a period of 8 weeks, film students were given a weekly deadline to film a documentary and send it back to Australia to be screened on Channel 2 and scrutinised by a panel of judges. The following YouTube link is one of Cate Anderson’s entries and the one that fired my interest. I’m sure the ladies will love some of the thoughts on tango by the two young bucks. Stay til the end for the judges critique.


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