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All I Want for Christmas..

Posted: 19:55, Sunday 9 September 2007 by Megan Jones

Updated: 20:54, Sunday 9 September 2007 by Megan Jones

This Christmas we look forward to a visit from old friends..Pedro and Sophia Alvarez from Patio de Tango in Sydney.

Pedro and Sophia visited us for Easter 2006 when their workshops and performances were warmly received. Participants spoke about the clarity of their teaching and useful material they presented, the passion in their performances and of course, the way that they connected with the community during the milongas and social events.

This year our Christmas milonga will be held on Saturday December 8 at Sarah’s Cafe. Pedro and Sophia will perform as our special guests. Pedro and Sophia will also be presenting workshops on Saturday December 8 and Sunday December 9, with futher details yet to come, so please, keep the weekend free!

The Christmas season is always busy and Southern Cross Tango will be holding their Christmas milonga the following weekend on Saturday December 15 at the West Beach sailing club. The weekend with Pedro and Sophia will lead in to our summer break which will herald the arrival of Siempre Tango’s Summer Assault: Mark II.


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