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Pedro and Sophia Bio

Posted: 09:50, Thursday 27 September 2007 by Ben

Updated: 16:43, Thursday 27 September 2007 by Ben

In 2001 Argentine-born Pedro Alvarez and his wife Sophia Alvarez from New Zealand set up PATIO de TANGO and it is now one of the leading Tango schools in Australia.

Their close embrace tango style evolved from dancing in the milongas of Buenos Aires and their extensive studies with Tango maestros including particular Gustavo Naveira, Roberto Herrera, Julio & Corina Balmaceda, and Fabian Peralta. Their courses are the result of years of teaching Tango to thousands of people. Their instruction focuses on the Villa Urquiza and Almagro (del Centro) styles of Tango with a strong emphasis on improvisation, navigation and the skills required to dance successfully in the Tango clubs of Buenos Aires.

Dance has always been an integral part of Pedro and Sophia’s lives. The son of a folk dance teacher, Pedro was introduced to tango at the age of 14 while working as a waiter in a Buenos Aires Tango Bar. He is a fine technician with exceptionally well developed musicality. He is also an experienced Tango DJ. Sophia was introduced to Tango in 1999 following prior training in Ballet and Salsa. Tango is now her consuming passion. Sophia is skilled in accelerated learning techniques, from extensive experience as a professional trainer in the community and corporate spheres.

Pedro and Sophia have performed in many festivals and events across Australia, NZ and Argentina. For over four years they have been running weekly and monthy milongas in Sydney. They are members of the UNESCO International Dance Council – CID.


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