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Women's Technique Class Dates

Posted: 08:11, Thursday 7 February 2008 by Megan Jones

Updated: 14:19, Saturday 23 February 2008 by Megan Jones

Imogen’s first technique class was well attended and she is looking forward to presenting the next ones. You are welcome to attend even if you were not at the first ones..please remember to wear loose comfortable clothing.

You will be dancing perhaps in heels (please check you have suede or leather protecting your heels for the sake of the floor), socks or bare feet so bring along all of your equipment!

The next two will not run quite fortnightly as predicted. The dates are:

  • Sunday February 24
  • Sunday March 2

both from 4pm-5pm at the Eastwood Community Centre, 95 Glen Osmond Road. Cost $10pp.


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