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Janett's Tango Did You Know?? D'Arienzo

Posted: 07:43, Tuesday 26 February 2008 by Janett Jackson

Updated: 18:11, Tuesday 26 February 2008 by Janett Jackson

Juan D’Arienzo (Dec 1900 – Jan 1976) was called the King of Beat, the King of Dancing and Rhythm King (Rey del compás).

D’Arienzo re-established the traditional two-four time in tango as opposed to the four-eight time that was popular. He believed tango had to have three things – beat, impact and nuances. In an interview he stated that tango needed a male emphasis and thus he put ‘the rhythm, the nerve, the strength and the character’ back into the music.

D’Arienzo also believed that the singer was another musical instrument. The minimum number of musicians in his orchestras consisted of a piano, double bass, five violins, 5 bandoneons and three singers.

In his early career D’Arienzo worked with Angel D’Agostino (1900-1991) and Rodolfo Biagi (1906-1969).

Information source:

José Gobello



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