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Posted: 08:38, Wednesday 16 July 2008 by Mark Stojani

Updated: 08:08, Wednesday 16 July 2008 by Ben

It is with mixed feelings that we say goodbye from the committee to Megan Jones. Megan in her role as secretary has been the hardest worker on the Siempre Tango committee for a long time and has played a very significant role in the development of tango in Adelaide both in teaching and getting quality teacher/dancers from interstate and overseas to visit us. Megan will continue to inspire with her teaching and dancing but will now have plenty of free time on her hands to do other things and on behalf of everyone associated with ST we wish her the best. Thanks Megan.

Megan (right) and Alejandra Hobert of Argentina in October 2006

Local Tanguero Mike Lim is the new SiempreTango secretary. Mike has been involved in tango for a few years now and we are really looking forward to some new thoughts and ideas from him. Welcome Mike.

Mike hunting the perfect tango photo at La Estrella in January 2007


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