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Siempre Tango on the BIG Screen

Posted: 19:59, Wednesday 20 August 2008 by Ben

Updated: 19:31, Wednesday 20 August 2008 by Ben

OK, well it’s not actually Siempre Tango that will be on the big screen… but since Carlo and Brigitte are in town and will have been for almost 3 weeks, el presidente has decided to host a film night as their last hurrah in Adelaide…

He’s organised the big projector, booked the venue and rounded up the troops, but I’m not even sure what movies he’s going to show. Will it be one of the academy award deserving movies depicting the wonders of argentine tango, or something completely different? I have no idea.

Anyway despite that, if you’re interested then block Sat 30th of August from 8pm out of your diary, and make your way to the Eastwood Community Centre. Will there be dancing afterwards? I reckon it would be a safe bet, hey there may even be dancing beforehand…

One thing’s for sure though, unfortunately I’ll be missing out the night because I’ll be sitting on the banks of the Mosel River drinking Weissbier from a very large glass. Enjoy the night and the opportunity to say farewell to our German friends, I’ll greet them when they get back home…


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