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4 week Milonga Course

Posted: 12:21, Friday 27 May 2005 by Siempre Tango

Updated: 11:59, Friday 27 May 2005 by Siempre Tango

Siempre Tango will be holding a 4 week Milonga course (4×1.5 hour lessons) aimed at our 6.30pm & 8.00pm class levels.

The course cost is discounted by 30% for current Siempre Tango students – ONLY $50/$35 (conc). At this rate the lessons are $8.30/$5.80 (conc) per hour!

Milonga does not have to be fast and furious, but it is meant to be a lot of fun. That’s our starting point. We will use both slower and medium-paced milongas to allow students to capture the rhythm in a relaxed, playful manner. We will also include some ‘traspie’ to generate the quick-quick change of timing that injects another level of interest … and challenge.

Thursdays at 6.30pm. Regardless of location, the class will not interfere with attending the practica.

Will be notified in a few days (Eastwood or Nth Adelaide)

Starting either 9th June at Nth Adelaide or 16th June at Eastwood for four consecutive weeks

Cost for Siempre Tango students currently enrolled for an 8-week course:

  • $50 / $35 (conc)

Cost for students not currently enrolled in an 8-week course:

  • $75 / $50 (conc)

Bob & Pat

Maximum of 10 women + 10 men; equal genders regardless of the number of enrolments.

A second 4-week course will be held for other class levels.

Please register for the course as soon as possible by:

  • Email ;
  • Telephone – 0400 257 027;
  • At The Banque;
  • At The Historian, or
  • At normal classes

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