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EnviroTango: attempting to make a difference

Posted: 00:10, Thursday 9 September 2010 by Andrew Gibki

Updated: 10:52, Sunday 19 September 2010 by Mark Stojani

As you may have noticed, the template for the Siempre Tango web site has changed very recently. To help promote awareness of environmental issues and do our part in making our planet a better place, Siempre Tango is hosting EnviroTango, an event to help all of us (even if for just one night) become more aware of the impact we have on the sustainability of our planet.

EnviroTango is a milonga taking place at the Torrens Rowing Club 4-8pm, Sunday 19th September 2010.

Drinks at the bar. Bring a plate to share!

It would be great if just for this one night, people could think of ways they can make a small change to have a significant outcome on the planet. You could car pool, ride a bicycle or revive an older outfit. We’re not pretending that we can stop climate change or save the planet, but even our local community can make a difference if everyone puts in a little effort. Let us know what you plan to do by contacting us via email, Facebook or Twitter, or by commenting on this article.


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