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The Topic is Tango

Posted: 15:39, Monday 27 June 2005 by Siempre Tango

Updated: 17:04, Monday 27 June 2005 by Siempre Tango

I came across this tango web log when I was searching for information about the elusive Miguel Villasboas (6:30 class students will know his stuff well as we’ve played it a bit in the classes for the past 2 weeks), anyway I’ve managed to get side tracked and it’s only the first sentence of this article!

The web log is called The Topic is Tango, it has some interesting stuff and some, well bizarre stuff – I think the watermelon with carved tango image is tending towards the bizarre end of the spectrum.

They have linked to a great advertisement for the Singapore Tourist Board in which a couple dances a tango with the lady wearing a Durian inspired home made bra (again, verging on bizarre, but it’s pretty funny). You will need Apple’s QuickTime media player to view this advertisement.

Speaking of advertisements, I’m not sure if anyone else caught it, but recently Eveready ran a battery ad with tango dancing in it. If anyone has a link to that, then please send it to me.

If anyone else finds interesting tango related (or even just loosely related) websites on the internet, then please let us know, or use the commenting facility below.


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