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Higher Ground REJECTED!

Posted: 11:44, Thursday 21 July 2005 by Siempre Tango

Updated: 12:13, Thursday 21 July 2005 by Siempre Tango

Siempre Tango has been supporting a recent application by a group of Adelaideans to establish a Multi-Disciplinary Arts & Performance Space to be called “Higher Ground”. Higher Ground will be located in the old and currently unused IMAX cinema off of Rundle St.

This application was recently rejected by the Adelaide City Council, on the misinformed basis that it is simply a nightclub and will attract the usual noise and behavioural problems associated with such establishments.

Siempre Tango views Higher Ground’s endeavour as an important step towards increasing Adelaide’s artistic and cultural relevance. So much so that we are currently investigating it’s potential as a regular milonga venue.

If you would like to the Adelaide City Council to consider this project in an informed manner, please visit the Adelaide City Council’s website and contact the following councillors to voice your support and concern at the inhibition of a positive addition to the cultural scene in Adelaide:

Or contact and we can forward you an email from those currently promoting the project with more details on the concept and the application rejection.


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